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Linlithgow palace - Catherine Wheel Mass - Kyrie

Music recorded as part of the project.

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Linlithgow Palace Magnificat

Music recorded as part of the project.

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Using Current News Sources (Dissertation Festival)

News sources can be used to answer a range of research questions. This session will introduce the online news sources available either for free or via the Library with a focus on current…

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The New Real - Jake Elwes

Jake Elwes’ interactive online artwork explores queer culture and the algorithms, philosophy and ethics of AI. In The Zizi Show, made with a community of drag artists, Elwes constructs and then…

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The New Real- Anna Ridler and Caroline Sinders

Mechanized Cacophonies by Anna Ridler and Caroline Sinders – both artists and machine learning experts – is an immersive and interactive online artwork. Inspired by lockdown, it explores…

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Squid-inspired robot is masterstroke of design

A robot that mimics two of nature’s smartest swimmers could play a vital role in underwater exploration, its creators say. The device – inspired by the quick, efficient movements of squid…

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10.4 Old and New Media

Internet and Society 2020

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Newspapers for historical research - HCA (online)

A video for online postgraduate students in School of History, Classics and Archaeology (HCA) demonstrating how to find and access newspaper, magazine and other news source databases and how to…

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) update from the Principal - 22 April 2020

In his latest message, the Principal and Vice-Chancellor updates staff on the steps that the University is planning for our long-term future and to support staff as much as possible throughout the…

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Propaganda: A problem in need of a Legal Solution? Rachael Crauford-Smith Craufurd Smith considers how longstanding concerns over state propaganda relate to the more…

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German event highlights strong European partnerships

Edinburgh’s important research and study links with Europe – and opportunities to strengthen them – were the focus of a high-level meeting in Berlin.At the Connected Scotland event,…

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Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund - Science and Religion in Global Public Life

Prof Elaine Howard Ecklund - Science and Religion in Global Public Life

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Climate Crisis Event

Climate Crisis Panel Event

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EFP 16: News From Home Film Festival 2018

PhD students Eszter Simor and Chantal Bertalanffy talk to Kat Zabecka and Dr David Sorfa about their new film festival News From Home 2018. More about the News from Home Festival is available…

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Prof Gillingwater Inaugural Lecture Oct 2018

Recording of inaugural lecture Monday 29 October 2018. Professor Tom Gillingwater "Diary of a 21st century anatomist: standing on the shoulders of giants"

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Christmas tree to illuminate quad 2017

Students and staff are invited to the switching on of the Christmas tree lights in the Old College quadrangle on 27 November.

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