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Art and Design Revised Assessment procedure using PebblePad

Revised submission procedures using PebblePad for T2 March and April 2020 assessments. This in response to the impact of coronavirus.

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Closing the Gender Gap | Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK is the national chapter for the global Wikimedia movement which supports Wikipedia and its sister sites. This video showcases the work of Wikimedia UK and the community of Wikimedians in…

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An interactive laser cut map of accused witches in Scotland

Students on the Data Science for Design MSc were tasked at the course's annual Data Fair to create engaging visualisations from real world datasets. One group chose to use the University of…

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Action Lab on Open Education Policy Making: Open Scotland Update

An overview of OER policy and open education initiatives in Scotland for the Action Lab on Open Education Policy Making at the OEGlobal Conference in Milan, November 2019.

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Public Poetry - Rachael King

Public PoetryThis lecture explores how poetry appears on the walls of the underground, Instagram, twitter, and in newspapers help us reflect and make sense of life in the 21st Century.Open…

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Glimpse over Wikidata - Lydia Pintscher presents the state of the project at WikidataCon 2019

Wikidata has become so big it's sometimes hard to appreciate what we've accomplished over the past year. Let's take a look together and see what has happened over the past year and how…

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Teaching SPARQL as a Foreign Language - Dr. Martin Poulter at WikidataCon 2019

This talk reports on my experience of using the Wikidata Query Service as a platform to teach non-technical audiences about knowledge representation. This training treats SPARQL as a language to be…

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Wikimedians and the Global Goals

* Anna Torres from Wikimedia Argentina * Thomas Schallhart, Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group * Li-Yun Lin, Wikimedia Taiwan * Felix Nartey, Open Foundation West Africa Panel with four prominent…

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Open science and education for sustainable life

Karin Holmgren Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor in Physical Geography, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU The importance of collaboration and communication to find joint solutions…

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Where open and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) converge

Ryan Merkley CEO, Creative Commons How a radically open approach will let us move more quickly, with greater innovation, towards a more equitable result.

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Interview with a Witchfinder General - Emma Carroll on the Map of Accused Witches in Scotland open data project

As part of the Equate Scotland and Careerwise scheme to give Women in STEM students a paid placement in industry, Emma Carroll was employed on a paid internship in Information Services to work with…

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Introduction to Professional Blogging

An introduction to professional blogging for Masters in Public Health online students. Covering the benefits of professional blogging, writing for blogs, and an overview of the University's…

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OpenRefine Beginners Tutorial - how to process and reconcile datasets by Emma Carroll

A tutorial on using OpenRefine an open source software used to edit spreadsheets and upload data easily to Wikidata. This tutorial will cover the basics of using OpenRefine. Contents include:…

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The Wicked Findings of the Witchfinder General - Putting Scotland's accused witches on the map using linked open data

The Wicked Findings of the Witchfinder General: Using linked open data to put accused witches on the map. Seminar event hosted by the Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture and Society on 11 September…

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Wikimedia in Teaching and Learning - Wikimedian in Residence Ewan McAndrew at #altc - Sessions A-063, A-168, A-174

For more details about this and other conference session visit Session DescriptionWorking with Wikipedia in the curriculum helps students to “think…

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Excelling in Excel: Tips and Tricks

A short series aimed at upskilling distance learning students on how to make the best use of excel. In this lecture I cover some of Excel's capabilities including formulas and pivot tables. …

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