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School of Informatics - Introduction to Informatics - Undergraduate Programmes

Recording of the School of Informatics virtual event for prospective Undergraduate students, which took place on Wednesday 7 October 2020. This event begins with a presentation from Dr Heng Guo,…

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Electronics & Electrical Engineering (EEE) virtual open day video

An introduction to Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) related degrees from University of Edinburgh. Hear from our staff and students, and learn about what our EEE degrees are all about.

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Finalists Guide to the Careers Service

If you graduate in 2021 and don't know where to start, use our Finalists Guide to the Careers Service.

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Guide to the Careers Service

Find out how to make the best use of the Careers Service during your time at University of Edinburgh.

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Course Overview: Edinburgh's Geographies

An overview of the course, including details of the course design, learning outcomes and what you'll be doing week by week.

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Hear from our students: MSc Carbon Management

McKenna Smith highlights her experiences studying an MSc Carbon Management.

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5a - DPUs

Lecture 5a - DPUs by Prof Ian Underwood

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4b - Poisson Distribution

Lecture 4b - Poisson Distribution by Prof Ian Underwood

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CVS PhD Video - 2020 Katherine Kentistou

Video of PhD student Katherine Kentistou from the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, explaining how she came to study the genetics of metabolism and obesity at CVS.

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M2 W3 Defining Place

M2 W3 DefiningPlace

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Louise - Kirckaldy - Sport recreation Management

Louise from Kirckadly High School discusses her journey from High School to studying Sport Recreation Management at the University of Edinburgh.

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Machine Learning in Healthcare- Opportunities & Challenges

Machine Learning in Healthcare- Opportunities & Challenges

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Full fibre benefits in data education

Jenni Doonan, Business Development Manager for the Data Education in Schools project, discusses the importance of data education.

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Careers Service - Connecting You To Opportunities - Jennifer Steven

Careers service can open up a world of opportunities to our students. Here's how. March 2019.

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