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Introduction to Key Concepts 2: Three marks of existence

A recording of the second session of the series "Introduction to Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS Teachers", which was held on 9th March 2021. The subject is "The three marks of…

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Introduction to Key Concepts 1: Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha

A recording of the first presentation in the series "An Introduction to Key Concepts in Buddhism for RMPS Teachers", on 9th February 2021, hosted by Dr Naomi Appleton (Edinburgh) and Dr…

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Higgs Chat with Vera Guelpers

Interview with Vera Guelpers and Michael Marshall; Higgs Hour, Friday 4 December at 1pm -

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CVS PhD Video - 2020 Rachel Bell

Video of PhD student Rachel Bell from the Centre for Cardiovascular Science, explaining how she came to study at CVS.

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Part 7 Senior Phase and the Scottish qualifications Authority - October 4th 2020, 11:22:45 am

Part 7 Senior Phase & SQA

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Part 6 Additional websites to help you in project design- October 4th 2020, 11:00:06 am

Part 6 Scottish Education in a Nutshell - websites with additional material

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Part 3 Experiences and Outcomes (Es&Os) in detail October 4th 2020, 10:06:42 am

Part 3 Scottish Education in a Nutshell The Experiences and Outcomes (Es&Os in detail)

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Part 2: BGE Broad General Education Background - October 4th 2020, 9:27:18 am

Background Information on the BGE

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Part 1 The Scottish Educational System in a Nutshell

Introduction to Educational Jargon

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PAW2020-Speeches from Ffrench Constant and Macleod

Speeches from Ffrench Constant and Macleod for the Postdoc Awareness Week 2020

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#OER18 Session: Student & Community OER Co-Creation - Charlie Farley, University of Edinburgh

This paper by Charlie Farley at the OER18 Conference explored an innovative 4th year undergraduate Geoscience Outreach course at the University of Edinburgh, which provided students with the…

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Wikimania 2017 - GLAM afternoon session

Wikimania 2017 - Day 2, GLAM afternoon session Small GLAMs: opportunities & possibilities of working together with small cultural heritage institutions Michelle van Lanschot (Mtmlan84) - …

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Sutton Trust Summer School 2017

Welcome to the Sutton Trust Summer School! An introduction to our programme. Film by Raw Film Productions

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Build-a-PC Timelapse

I build a working PC from parts then disassemble it again in under 2 minutes (with the help of stop-motion photography)

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