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Blockchain Technology Partners

Blockchain Technology Partners - EIE19

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Go Abroad - Benefits of International Opportunities - Thomas Ozers

There's a lot of benefit to taking the opportunity to Go Abroad during your studies.Thomas Ozers tells us all about why taking the chance is good for our ongoing development.

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Let's Talk about Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogies

This engaging event was co-constructed by the University of Edinburgh Teacher Education Partnership, providing participants with opportunities to collaborate, connect and explore ideas with…

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Economic Democracy Block1 v3

Welcome to Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative, our MOOC about worker-owned and worker-controlled firms. We often hear that political democracy is the best available form of…

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Laura Morris, NICE International

Laura Morris from NICE International talks her about measuring outcomes in her talk entitled "Joining, leading and reflecting upon partnerships"

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Laura Macpherson (Tropical Health Education Trust)

Laura MacPherson from the Tropical Health Education Trust talks about health partnerships and why we should be monitoring the things we monitor in her talk entitled "What difference are we…

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