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Low energy fractures

Bone density and trauma Terminology Common fractures Proximal femur fractures

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RESPIRE Showcase: Best of Community Engagement and Involvement

Delivered by Tracy Jackson, University of Edinburgh Recorded for the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 Community members represent a key stakeholder group for our RESPIRE Partners, as we seek…

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Su May Liew

Presentation title: Developing Patient and Public Involvement in Research in Malaysia As part of the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020, each of our four RESPIRE Fellows recorded a video…

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Low stress handling of cats and dogs

Subtitles automated Hokkaido/Edinburgh conference 26 October 2020 Roxanne Woodrow RVN

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Medical Sciences 1: Individual Variation to Drug Treatment Dr Phil Larkman

Reflection on why individuals respond differently to drugs and the significance of this for the use of general anaesthetics

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Instagram Live Q&A | MSc Critical Care

Fritz is a doctor who currently works in a team that is treating Covid-19 patients. He’s also a new student on the online MSc Critical Care:…

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Let's Talk Episode 3

Donna, life on the emergency wards Dr Donna Dalgetty, a former PhD student, and former Medical and Nursing Fellow at the University of Edinburgh, is now an emergency doctor on the Isle of Whyte.…

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Medical Sciences 1 How does the CNS work? Part 1 Dr Phil Larkman

Modular Hypothesis of Brain Function

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Myeloma and the kidney

Illustrating key ways that myeloma can affect the kidney. More info at

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Ward 123 - Being the FY Doctor on the ward

This pre-recorded session was created and delivered by University of Edinburgh Medical Students: • Simran Piya (Class of 2022) • Yige Zhang (Class of 2022) • Shin Thong Low (Class…

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Medicine Online Personal Statement Workshop 2020

Reach Edinburgh Online Personal Statement Workshop 2020 In this session, we cover the basics of writing a UCAS personal statement. We explore the different topics to cover in a Personal Statement…

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