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Topic 43: Measuring Performance of an Estimator (PETARS, Chapter 6)

In this video, the question of measuring and quantifying the performance of an estimator is discussed. The video focusses on the concepts and definitions of bias and variance of the probability…

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OW SNIPS - Raphael Kruse (Halle-Wittenberg - Raphael Kruse (Halle-Wittenberg)

An automated programme is used to generate the subtitles on this talk. You can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the bottom toolbar. Raphael Kruse (Halle-Wittenberg) - On the BDF2-Maruyama…

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Topic 22: Expectations and their Properties (PETARS, Chapter 4)

This video discusses why it is useful to characterise a probability density function (pdf) in terms of salient features which measure the location, spread, asymmetry, and the tails of the density.…

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Topic 21: Probability Transformation Rule and Its Applications (PETARS, Chapter 4)

This video introduces the probability transformation rule, for finding the probability density function of the mapping of another random variable. A derivation of the transformation rule is…

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Professional skills for GAFS (1) - Week 2- Intro to Powerpoint

Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists 1. This is the Introduction to Powerpoint lecture. You should come to the discussion boards on the Professional Skills Learn course for more…

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4.4-part4: The gamma distribution


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4.2-part2: Percentiles


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