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School of Informatics - Introduction to Informatics - Undergraduate Programmes

Recording of the School of Informatics virtual event for prospective Undergraduate students, which took place on Wednesday 7 October 2020. This event begins with a presentation from Dr Heng Guo,…

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Earth Sciences at Edinburgh Online Open Day 2020

What are the Earth Sciences, and why are they important for the future of our planet? This presentation shows the structure and overviews the content of the different earth science degrees at…

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Physics and Astronomy: Physics 1B: The Stuff of the Universe

About Physics 1B "The stuff of the Universe"

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Physics and Astronomy: Physics 1A: Foundations PHYS08016

Physics 1A: Foundations is a 20-credit, semester 1 course in Newtonian mechanics. It is aimed at students who have previous experience of physics and mathematics, and who would like a mathematical…

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Introductory Astrophysics

Why is the night sky dark, if the Universe contains an infinite number of stars? How can the colours of stars tell us about their core chemical reactions? What is the physics behind black…

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Astronomy and Astrophysics Overview

A brief overview of the 3 optional Astronomy courses that are on offer: Discovering Astronomy (Semester 1), Astrobiology (Semester 1) and Introductory Astrophysics (Semester 2). Prof. Catherine…

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Discovering Astronomy PHYS 08039

Is Discovering Astronomy the outside course for you? Watch this video to find out more. DISCOVERING ASTRONOMYPHYS08039; Semester 1; 20 credits; Level 8An accessible Astronomy course for everyone! …

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Musical Acoustics

Presentation of the Musical Acoustics course An introduction to the nature of musical sound and the basic physics governing the behaviour of musical instruments. Course organiser: Dr. Antonin…

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Astrobiology Welcome Video

Astrobiology (PHYS08051) is a 20 credit (SCQF) course for Pre-Honours students covering a variety of science related to the study of life in the Universe. …

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Zhenghao Zhong, Imperial College London - Magnetic quivers from brane webs with O5 planes (SEMP, 11.08.20)

Recordings from the South East Mathematical Physics Seminars. Zhenghao Zhong, Imperial College London - Magnetic quivers from brane webs with O5 planes

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Differential equations for one-loop string integrals

Recording of the online particle physics theory seminar by Oliver Schlotterer (University of Uppsala) Abstract: This talk is dedicated to mathematical structures in the low-energy expansion of…

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All-order amplitudes at any multiplicity in the multi-Regge limit

Particle Physics Theory seminar by Georgios Papathanasiou (DESY). Abstract: Maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory serves as a unique theoretical laboratory connecting beautiful mathematics to…

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The School of Informatics: Researchers’ Journey

Researchers in the School of Informatics have various backgrounds and they come from all over the world. In this video, they are telling the story of the journey that brought them to Edinburgh, the…

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Studying Science at Edinburgh University: Everyone is Welcome

This video was created as part of the Geoscience Outreach course to inspire secondary school pupils from underrepresented backgrounds to take up science at University, in line with the University…

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