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Gene edited pigs are resistant to billion dollar virus

Scientists have produced pigs that can resist one of the world’s most costly animal diseases, by changing their genetic code. Tests with the virus – called Porcine Reproductive…

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Why does psoriasis sometimes look white?

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disorder, with a greatly increased blood flow to plaques. So why does is sometimes look white? Is there a 'white chromophore'? Or is there another explanation?

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Pigmented lesion? What to do next.

How do you approach clinically the patient with a suspicious pigmented lesion? What types of pathology must you consider, and when and how do you carry out surgery.

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Skin cancer: an unhelpful term?

Skin cancers behave very differently biologically. Is the term still useful in the clinic?

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Duncan Sproul: Cancer Epigenetics

In this video Duncan describes his work on understanding why epigenetics goes wrong in cancer and what that means for treating the disease.

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