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BMC BAMC 2021 Bernd Schroers

6-9 April, BMC BAMC 2021. This is the BMC Morning Talk by Bernd Schroers (Heriot-Watt). The Hidden Geometry of Magnetic Skyrmions. This recording is subtitled. If you wish to remove the captions,…

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Week 5 lecture on geostatic stress

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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Georgy Faranosov, (TsAGI, Russia)

Subtitles are automatically added, we are editing these to ensure they are correct. Tuesday 2 February 2021 Georgy Faranosov, (TsAGI, Russia) - Application of the Wiener-Hopf technique to the…

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A fluid mechanic's analysis of the teacup singularity - Dwight Barkley

EMS talk Dwight Barkley (Warwick) A fluid mechanic's analysis of the teacup singularity 22 January 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC on the bottom toolbar.

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Palaeomagnetic Observations

Introduction to Geophysics: Palaeomagnetic Observations

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RCMM Wave scattering and Solid Mechanics - Anastasia Kisil, (The University of Manchester)

Automatic subtitles have bene uploaded to this recording. These are being corrected to reflect the lecture. To turn off please select "cc". Anastasia Kisil, (The University of Manchester)…

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Anna Felikson (Durham) Title: Mutations of non-integer quivers: finite mutation type

Anna Felikson (Durham)Title: Mutations of non-integer quivers: finite mutation typeGiven a skew-symmetric non-integer (real) matrix, one can construct a quiver with non-integer weights of arrows.…

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Discrete Painlevé equations - Nalini Joshi

Virtual Integrable Systems Seminars Discrete Painlevé equations Nalini Joshi (Sydney) 25 November 2020 An automated programme is used to generate the subtitles on this talk. You can remove…

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One World Waves Gennady El - Modulational instability and nonlinear spectral theory of soliton gas

4/11/20Gennady El - Modulational instability and nonlinear spectral theory of soliton gasSolitons are localised solutions of integrable systems that can be viewed as “particles” of…

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Osamu Iyama - Contracted preprojective algebras, Coxeter groups and cDV singularities

Preprojective algebras of quivers are important objects in representation theory. In extended Dynkin case, they give non-commutative resolutions of simple singularities of dimension two. Motivated by…

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Laplace transform Week 1 Part 3: Convergence region

In this video we introduce the concept of exponential order and define the region of convergence of the Laplace transform.

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This video is the second part of an introduction to orthographic representation for architecture. In this part, you will learn the basics about drawing floor plans and vertical sections of a…

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M2 W3 Defining Price

M2 W3 Price

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State-space Search in Planning

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Introduction to PDDL

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