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Dr Torgny Roxå

Strong and weak ties – changing teaching cultures in higher education in programme Torgny Roxå Lund University, Sweden Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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3 Nov 2017 — Andy Hom (University of Edinburgh)

The Conquest of America by al Qaeda

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17 Nov 2017 — Linus Hagström (Swedish Defence University)

Nation-States as Narcissists: the US & Japan

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The Referendum in Context

This project was created by the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

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Christina Boswell (University of Edinburgh)

27 Oct 2017 — Seeing Illegal Immigrants: Surveillance & Strategic Ignorance

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Henry Shue (Oxford University)

13 Oct 2017 — Ethics Forum: Climate Surprises: Pivotal Generations and Risk Transfer

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James Strong (Queen Mary University of London)

20 Oct 2017 — Public Opinion, Legitimacy and Blair’s Iraq War

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Douglas Kriner & Graham Wilson (Boston University)

28 Sept 2017 — Elites, the Public, and the Afghan War

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Dr Dermot Hodson (Birbeck College, University of London)

25 Sep 2015 – No Exit? The UK, Greece & Europe's Crises

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Hans Kundnani (European Council on Foreign Relations)

18 Jan 2013 – The Return of History to Europe

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