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REF2020: Nizami Abdulov- Bottomonia production and polarization in the NRQCD with kT-factorization

REF2020: Nizami Abdulov- Bottomonia production and polarization in the NRQCD with kT-factorization

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Recording of a line-up activity for the CEP Interactive Teaching and Learning course

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Low energy fractures

Bone density and trauma Terminology Common fractures Proximal femur fractures

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Pharmacology 3: Anxiolytic Drugs - Part 5 Dr Phil Larkman

GABA-A receptor diversity and selective benzodiazepine action

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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Stanislav. L. Denisov

This talk has captions: You can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the bottom toolbar. Captions are currently being edited to reflect the lecture. Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) -…

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South East Mathematical Physics Seminars: Christian Korff

Automatic subtitles are included. You can turn these off by selecting "CC". Tuesday 03 November Christian Korff (University of Glasgow) The Boson-Fermion correspondence and the asymmetric…

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Pharmacology 3: Drugs Acting on Ion Channels Part 3 Dr Phil Larkman

Modulation of voltage-gated Na+ channels by tetrodotoxin

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Sharma & Sankaran (2011): Interpreting the results tables

This is an 11-minute video dedicated to explaining how Sharma and Sankaran (2011)'s Tables 5-7 should be read and interpreted. Each table is an example of a Varbrul model, a specific kind of…

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One World Virtual Seminar Series - Stochastic Numerics and Inverse Problems: Mireille Bossy (INRIA)

Mireille Bossy (INRIA) SDEs with boundaries, modelling particle dynamics in turbulent flow.

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Christian Lubich 5th October Convergent evolving surface finite element algorithms for geometric evolution equations

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CL - Lecture 3g - Making more rules with contrapositions

Using meta-/object-level contrapositions, we can derive all 15 sound syllogisms from Barbara.

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CL - Lecture 3b - Particular Propositions

You have already met Aristotle's universal propositions, universal assertion, "every a is b", and universal denial, "no a is b". The negations of these are his particular…

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Language Production Lecture 2 Part 4

Speech errors

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PGHC11501 Running the Roman Empire: Week 2 - 1

Screencast by Kimberley Czajkowski for Running the Roman Empire: Week 2 -1

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 3

Fine Tuning Lecture Part 3

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