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lecture 7 part 2 Kaltura Capture recording - October 30th 2020, 6:56:41 pm

lecture 7 part 2

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2: Anselm - Modal logic

Anselm - Modal logic

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Welcome by Mile Giles (MCQMC 2020, 11.08.20)

Welcome by Mile Giles

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Data Science, Technology and Innovation - School of Social and Politcal Science Overview

Dr Gian- Marco Campagnolo gives a brief overview of what the School of Social and Political Sciences offers on the Data Science, Technology and Innovation programme

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Economic Democracy Block6 v4 Case Study: Hartwood Wind Farm

Welcome to Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative, our MOOC about worker-owned and worker-controlled firms. We often hear that political democracy is the best available form of…

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