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Pharmacology 3: Drugs Acting on Ion Channels Part 1 Dr Phil Larkman

Introduction - the importance of ion channels in cellular function.

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BMS2 Chemical Synaptic Transmission 2 Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Ion permeability of the nACh receptor

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BMS2: Chemical Synaptic Transmission 1 Part 3 Dr Phil Larkman

Calcium-dependent release of acetylcholine

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Medical Sciences 1: How does the CNS work? Part 3 Dr Phil Larkman

Ion channels and neuronal excitability - the resting and action potentials.

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Coaching motorsport stars of the future

Intensive training sessions hosted by the University are helping develop talented young racing drivers from around the world. Ten drivers have been put through a series of gruelling workshops at…

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Psychosocial Issues

Psychosocial Issues

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Archives Chat: Robert Stephens

As part of the campaign for International Archives Week, hosted by the International Council on Archives, this video is the first in a series of chats with users and stakeholders involved with the…

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Improving Feedback - STACK Tutorial

In this STACK Tutorial, you will learn how to improve feedback with better answer test and a more customised potential response tree. Learn more about STACK: the STACK…

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