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Cross validation

Cross validation

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Under- and Oversampling

Under- and Oversampling

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Training, Validation and Test Sets

[2:51 - 3:54] Kuhn, Max, and Kjell Johnson. Applied predictive modeling. Vol. 26. New York: Springer, 2013.

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Prof Agustin Fuentes - How do we believe_

Prof Agustin Fuentes - How do we believe

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Sampling - Module 2 Week 4


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Association Metrics - Module 2 Week 2

Association Metrics

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Welcome - Module 2 Week 1

Module 2 - Welcome

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Case Study Intro

Case Study Intro

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Singular Value Decomposition - Module 2 Week 3

Singular Value Decomposition - Module 2 Week 3

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ROC Curve - Module 2 Week 2

ROC Curve

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Confusion Matrix - Module 2 Week 1

Confusion Matrix

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Confusion Matrix Metrics - Module 2 Week 1

Confusion Matrix Metrics

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Evaluation - Module 2 Week 1


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Evaluation Metrics - Module 2 Week 1

Evaluation Metrics

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Predictive Policing - Dr Morgan Currie - Data Controversies 2019

Dr Morgan Currie, Lecturer in Data & Society. Before the Bullet Hits the Body: Organising Against Predictive Policing in Los Angeles Abstract: Our ability to control our “data…

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Why we still need to talk about diversity in Physics - Dr. Jess Wade

Dr. Jess Wade is a physicist who, alongside being a postdoc researcher at Imperial College London in plastic electronics, campaigns tirelessly to increase diversity in physics. One of Nature's…

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