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INOSAAR - Birmingham

This is raw video footage from the second INOSAAR meeting held at Birmingham City University, entitled 'Reparations for Afrikan Enslavement: Beyond National Boundaries, Towards International…

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RepAfrika Workshop

This is a raw video of footage from the RepAfrika meeting that took place in March 2018.

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INOSAAR BRIXTON 21st October 2017

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Le 18ème "konvwa pou reparasyon" en voyage à Gorée

Le mouvement International des Réparations de Martinique a organisé le 1er convoi en terre Africaine au Sénégal à Dakar. Il a été organisé le…

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Version français en bas... This is a reparations song by Ablodevava (Agorkorli and Nyoefe) called "Afrikaviwo". It translates as follows: Afrikan Children must live forever;…

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Preparing for lecture recording: Accessibility

This recording is from the training sessions for Media Hopper Replay and focuses on the design and accessibility of teaching materials, in recorded lectures.

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The benefits of lecture recording - An interview with Dr. Steve Loughnan

Dr. Steve Loughnan, a lecturer in Experimental Social Psychology, discusses the benefits of lecture recording at The University of Edinburgh. For more information on the Lecture Recording Programme,…

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Economic Democracy Block3 v1

Welcome to Economic Democracy: The Cooperative Alternative, our MOOC about worker-owned and worker-controlled firms. We often hear that political democracy is the best available form of…

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Xianfeng Fan: Solve processing problems

In this video Xianfeng describes his research on particle technology, enhanced oil recovery, CO2 capture, microwave, separation, wastewater, PEPT, focusing on solving problems using colloid-interface…

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