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CL - Review 2 - Venn Apples

Venn diagrams on a sphere.

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FP - Lecture 10 - Expression Trees as Algebraic Data Types

This is the video for the 10th FP lecture.

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CL - Lecture 3c - Aristotle's Square of Opposition

This is how Aristotle organised his propositions.

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CL - Lecture 3a - Contraposition of Propositions

Last week we used object-level contraposition to derive four new syllogisms, starting from Barbara. This week we will use meta-level contraposition to derive two more new syllogisms from each of the…

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CL - Lecture 2.c - Aristotle’s Universal Propositions

In this video on syllogisms, we present a new form of proposition -- universal denial. Introducing negation gives a new syllogism as an instance of barbara.

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CL - Lecture 1.d - A Small Universe

We introduce a very small universe, and some examples of propositions — statements we may make about the universe.

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Lecture 1 Part 1B Kaltura Capture recording - September 10th 2020, 10:10:35 am

Rationalists Lecture 1 Part 1B

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