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The Organisational, Funding and Political Contexts for Curriculum Transformation

In this video Peter and Colm discuss the importance of providing value for money, regardless of how a course is being funded. What worked 20 years ago may not work now and it is essential that we…

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XAI Lecture Recording: InTrees (Part 3)

This lecture will cover InTrees, which is a model-specific XAI method for tree ensembles.

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How to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut

A very simple explanation of how to add an intro and outro to your lecture presentation video using ShotCut - a free video editing tool. DIY FILM SCHOOL:…

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LTC 2021 - Day 1 Opening Comments Peter Mathieson and Colm Harmon

Professor Peter Mathieson and Professor Colm Harmon Opening Comments L&T Conference 2021

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Applications of Extremes: Su-Fen Yang

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Su-Fen Yang Talk Title: The PCA-based Control Charts for Monitoring Multiple-stream…

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Racial Equity Work in the University and Beyond: The Race Equality Charter in Context

3rd June 2021 Exploring perspectives on racial inequalities in higher education, this RACE.ED event will invite local and broader reflections on the Race Equality Charter, locating it within the…

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Language Models: Evaluation I

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Exporting video streams from Media Hopper Create and importing into a video editor

This video shows you how to export both video streams from Media Hopper Create (Primary and Secondary), and how to import these into a video editor, for the example in this video we are using…

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Anne-Laure Fougeres EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Anne-Laure Fougeres Talk Title: Scoring probabilistic forecasts with a focus on extremes Abstract: The…

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Jennifer Prah Ruger - Global Health Justice and Governance

Presentation from the Summer Lunch 2014 co-hosted by the Mason Institute and the Global Health Academy. Prof Jennifer Prah Ruger's (University of Pennsylvania) presentation discussed…

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Hybrid Working Programme Introduction

Hybrid Working introduction

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How Do You Keep Learners Engaged?

Lizzy Garner-Foy, Instructional Designer at the University, discusses five key areas to focus on when creating content that will make your course informative, engaging and enjoyable.

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What is a Systematic Review dissertation like? (Dissertation Festival)

This presentation covered: what a systematic review (SR) is pros and cons of doing a SR for your dissertation summary of common questions or problems encountered in SR dissertations, and…

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Lecture 8 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - March 6th 2021, 4:11:20 pm

lecture 8 part 1

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Animal Welfare Short Online Courses trailer

Gain a greater insight into animal minds, bodies, and behaviours with our short online courses. Each course is free and 100% online. Sign up today! Animal Behaviour and Welfare The Truth about Cats…

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Lecture 3 part 2 Kaltura Capture recording - January 23rd 2021, 2:54:20 pm

Lecture 3 part 2

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