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Consultation - Unmasked

Professional & Clinical Skills

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MP Week 1 pt3

Merleau-Ponty on sensation

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Supported Media Production Studio Services

The supported media production studios are designed to help you develop professional media content for hybrid teaching and learning. The studios incorporate cutting edge presentational technologies,…

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first cut

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Flexible study: myth busting online learning

Since 2005 our online postgraduate degrees have offered a flexible way for people to study at times and locations that work for them without compromising the quality of learning. Follow our myth…

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Course Outro

Course Outro

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Process Mining

Process Mining

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Why Planning?

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Machine Learning in Healthcare- Opportunities & Challenges

Machine Learning in Healthcare- Opportunities & Challenges

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Modelling Genomic Data

Modelling Genomic Data

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PhD Digitisation Project

Overview of University of Edinburgh's PHD Digitisation Project.

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How to Set Up Lighting for Videos

Whether you are creating online course content or generating your own media projects, you may have the occasion to film and edit remotely using your own equipment. This short video tutorial provides…

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MM Podcast 13: Pastoral support, the lowering of expectations, and community online

The thirteenth episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast finds us lucky enough to be joined by Dr Tim Fawns, Deputy Programme Director on the MSc in Clinical Education at the University of…

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Scientific Analysis of Heritage Collections

Scientific Analysis of Heritage Collections Using XRF Spectrometry – Employ.ed Internship 2019. Egyptian ushabtis, found under Medals 121, were analysed using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis…

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