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Teaching SPARQL as a Foreign Language - Dr. Martin Poulter at WikidataCon 2019

This talk reports on my experience of using the Wikidata Query Service as a platform to teach non-technical audiences about knowledge representation. This training treats SPARQL as a language to be…

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Wikidata and GLAMs - Jason Evans, Wikimedian in Residence at the National Library of Wales

The National Library of Wales, Wikimedia UK, and the editing community have worked together since 2014 to host a Wikimedian in Residence and in August 2017 the National Library appointed a…

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Wikidata Query - Query Helper

Edit cats to zoo on Short guide to working with the Wikidata query helper interface when querying Wikidata using SPARQL.

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The Zika corpus as a test case for WikiCite - Daniel Mietchen

The Zika corpus as a test case for WikiCite (Daniel Mietchen) - This…

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An overview of Scholia - Finn Årup Nielsen

Scholia is a tool to handle scientific bibliographic information in Wikidata. The Scholia Web service creates on-the-fly scholarly profiles for researchers, organizations, journals, publishers,…

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Wikicite 2017 - Day 2 - Tutorial: Wikidata, SPARQL, and WQS

Wikicite 2017 - Wikidata Tutorials (Léa Lacroix, Lucas Werkmeister - User:WikidataFacts) 28m4s - Wikidata 101 2h10m5s - Introduction to SPARQL and the Wikidata Query Service …

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SPARQL Workshop

Excellent SPARQL Query Workshop demonstrating how to query & visualise Wikidata (Wikimedia's free & open knowledge base of structured data). Please see also the Wikidata SPARQL query…

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