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Glass Flute

Tom Oakes plays Trad. by Paganini, The Carnival of Venice by Johann Sebastian Bach, Bourée Anglaise, and Trad. Polonaise from Sweden.

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Surajit Ray

LMS Prospects in Mathematics 2021 Surajit Ray, University of GlasgowThursday 9 September This recording is in the process of being subtitled. We aim to have edited captions available within 2 weeks…

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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Matteo Albani

Click CC to off subtitles. Matteo Albani (University of Siena, Italy) Analysis and Design of Inhomogeneous Lenses for Millimeter Wave Communications

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Ward 123 - Being the FY Doctor on the ward

This pre-recorded session was created and delivered by University of Edinburgh Medical Students: • Simran Piya (Class of 2022) • Yige Zhang (Class of 2022) • Shin Thong Low (Class…

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Acquiring and Representing Medical Imaging Data

Acquiring and Representing Medical Imaging Data

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Scientific Analysis of Heritage Collections

Scientific Analysis of Heritage Collections Using XRF Spectrometry – Employ.ed Internship 2019. Egyptian ushabtis, found under Medals 121, were analysed using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis…

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