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Kaltura Capture recording - October 14th 2020, 1:19:39 am

Doing discursive psychological analysis 2

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USMR lecture 5 part 3

core stats concepts; reporting stats in RMarkdown

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USMR lecture 5 part 1

correlation, part 1

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BMS2: How Drugs Act. Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Principles of drug interactions with their targets - agonists

From  Philip Larkman on September 28th, 2020 0 likes 353 plays 0  

Lecture 4 Part 4: Methods for real engineering problems

In the last part of the lecture we look at real numerical methods that can be used for real engineering problems. Looking briefly at Runge-Kutta methods and an application modelling methane-air…

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Problems with gloves?

Surgical or similar gloves worn in health care bring many advantages. They also cause dermatological problems in a significant proportion of users. What sort of problems, and how do we approach the…

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