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Almodóvar and Volver (3/3: Analysis of oppositions)

Week 9 lecture delivered remotely for Introduction to European Cinemas

From  Charlotte Gleghorn on March 8th, 2021 0 likes 49 plays 0  

Almodóvar and Volver (2/3): Volver and Intertextuality

Week 9 lecture delivered remotely for Introduction to European Cinemas

From  Charlotte Gleghorn on March 8th, 2021 0 likes 55 plays 0  

Almodóvar and Volver (1/3: Life and Work)

Week 9 lecture delivered remotely for Introduction to European Cinema

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PGHC11506 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Week 8 _More Participles

Video by Dr Zsuzsanna Vegh for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Introduction: Week 8

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Library Bitesize - Brief introduction to EndNote (desktop)

Recording of 9th February 2021 Library Bitesize session "Brief introduction to Endnote". Aims of the session: • Know where to download EndNote desktop for free via the…

From  Heather Stewart on February 9th, 2021 0 likes 8 plays

Advanced computational approaches for understanding allele-specific biology of complex diseases

Speaker:Dr Shilpa Garg, Harvard Medical School & Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Reconstructing the complete phased sequences of every chromosome copy in human and non-human species are important…

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Library Bitesize - Referencing and how to avoid plagiarism

This is a recording of the session from 28th January 2021. In it we discuss what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, how to construct references and tools to help you. Slides available from the…

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Introduction to Library resources for Engineering students - Part 3: accessing and referencing literature

A guide to accessing full-text literature and citing and managing references.

From  Jenny Lauder on January 15th, 2021 0 likes 101 plays 0  

GPHU- Introduction to literature searching - session 3

Final session on literature searching. Covers help and advice, where else to search and links to useful resources.

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Kaltura Capture recording - December 10th 2020, 2:43:08 pm

Assessment of function and physical performance in older adults

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Library Bitesize - Choosing a Reference Manager

This short session provides an introduction to three popular reference managers currently in use at the University: Endnote, Zotero and Mendeley. By the end of this session, you should be familiar…

From  SarahLouise McDonald on November 26th, 2020 0 likes 49 plays 0  

Referencing for Law

This session takes you through the basic principles of referencing, how it relates to the OSCOLA style and an introduction to reference management software.

From  Donna Watson on November 16th, 2020 0 likes 45 plays 0  

EndNote for Managing References course recording

This is a recording of the presentation from the 'EndNote for Managing References' webinar (updated 13/1/21). If you would like to attend a live event, you can find dates and book here:…

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Using the Library for creative dissertations : digital resources in art, music and drama

Are you planning your dissertation in a creative subject? Find out more about the rich range of digital library resources available to you in the visual arts, music and drama. Led by the Academic…

From  Christine Love-Rodgers on November 4th, 2020 0 likes 14 plays 0  


PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: KHAN, Ahad Presentation title: Developing a video expert panel to evaluate breathing rate counting devices in childhood…

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Library Bitesize: How to reference and avoid plagiarism

Collaborate recording of 30minute session on help with questions about plagiarism and referencing. 22nd October 2020.Powerpoint slides without narration:…

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