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Week 11 Part 2

Scientism Part 2 - Self Refutation argument

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Plato Lecture 6.3


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Plato Lecture 3.5 new

Plato 3.5

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BMC BAMC 2021 Catharina Stroppel

6-9 April 2021, BMC BAMC 2021 This talk is given by Catharina Stroppel (Mathematical Institute of Bonn). Titled: Tensor Products and Branching - Changes of Perspectives. This recording is…

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Ancient Lecture 3.3

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Manifesto for Teaching Online, June 2017

A video for the Manifesto for Teaching Online, created by researchers from the MSc in Digital Education at the University. Video by James Lamb. Read more about the Manifesto at:…

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Dr David Doddington (Cardiff University); 'The best man whipped and the other one took it': violence, honour, and solidarity in US slave communities

Public Lecture by Dr David Doddington (Cardiff University) Meadows Lecture Theatre, 10 May 2019, 17:15-18:30 'The best man whipped and the other one took it': violence, honour, and…

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Online degree students at Graduation: why did you choose the University of Edinburgh?

There's no need to come to Edinburgh when you're an online student, but many online students choose to attend their graduation ceremony and take a short break in Scotland's capital…

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Crowdsourced labour

Crowdsourced labour

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