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Songs and music celebrate St Andrew’s Day

Musicians and artists have filmed a special concert to mark St Andrew’s Day amid Covid restrictions.The gathering of musicians, poets and singers at the University’s St Cecilia’s…

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Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast: Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, we discuss the impact that feminist judgments can have, and how they are meaningful. In the first half of the episode, Amrita Ahluwalia-McMeddes and Gabrielle Blackburn,…

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Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast Episode 3: Coyle v Coyle - the practice of fairness

Mr and Mrs Coyle were married for 25 years. After several years of being separated, Mrs Coyle filed for divorce. They had accumulated some wealth over the years, and they agreed to share this wealth…

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Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast Episode 2: Ruxton v Lang - the importance of perspective

In 1998, Fiona Lang was charged under the Road Traffic Act of being in charge of a motor vehicle while over the limit: drink driving. Fiona pled the defence of necessity, saying she was fleeing in…

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How to use the Wikidata Query Service - Mapping the Scottish Reformation

A video on using the Wikidata Query Service by Dr Chris Langley, Reader in Early Modern History at Newman University, Birmingham, and Co-Director of Mapping the Scottish Reformation.

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Introduction to Scottish Studies Courses

This video introduces four option courses in Scottish Studies which are available to all students across the university. If you are interested in learning about the culture and traditions of…

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Scottish Feminist Judgments Podcast Episode 1: Drury - history and cultural legacies

In 1998, Marylin McKenna was murdered by Stuart Drury. Drury was tried for her murder and was found guilty, but he appealed the decision claiming he had been provoked into killing Marylin because she…

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Interview with Kate Rowell

Dr Fiona Borthwick speaks to Scottish beef farmer, Kate Rowell about sustainable global food systems.

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LLC graduation 2020 - full edit - FINAL

A video from colleagues across the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) for our graduating students to say how proud we are of your achievements and to send you our very best…

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The wicked Wikidata tale of how the 3,141 accused witches were placed on the map

Presentation by University of Edinburgh student Emma Carroll on the Interactive witchcraft map. "The wicked Wikidata tale of how the 3,141 accused witches were placed on the map for the first…

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Finding material from The School of Scottish Studies Archive Online

As part of International Archives Week, Louise Scollay, Library & Archive Assistant, has a very quick guide showing you how to use Tobar an Dualchais / Kist o Riches website to find material from…

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Notes on a Historical Hall: The history of St Cecilia's Hall

St Cecilia's Hall is Scotland's oldest purpose built concert hall and home to the University of Edinburgh's musical instrument collection. Learn about the building's interesting…

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An interactive laser cut map of accused witches in Scotland

Students on the Data Science for Design MSc were tasked at the course's annual Data Fair to create engaging visualisations from real world datasets. One group chose to use the University of…

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Meet our Traditional Artist in Residence

We chat to Mike Vass about coming of age in Edinburgh’s traditional music session scene and his current role searching for treasures in the School of Scottish Studies Archives.

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Interview with a Witchfinder General - Emma Carroll on the Map of Accused Witches in Scotland open data project

As part of the Equate Scotland and Careerwise scheme to give Women in STEM students a paid placement in industry, Emma Carroll was employed on a paid internship in Information Services to work with…

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Points of Arrival Full Compilation (Subtitled)

Five stories of Jewish migration to Scotland in the 19th and 20th centuries, told by contemporary narrators.Created by the Jewish Lives/Scottish Spaces team (Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh)…

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