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Notes on a Historical Hall: The history of St Cecilia's Hall

St Cecilia's Hall is Scotland's oldest purpose built concert hall and home to the University of Edinburgh's musical instrument collection. Learn about the building's interesting…

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An introduction to MSc Scottish History

This short video gives you an introduction to our MSc Scottish History programme from Dr Angela Bartie

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Professor Ewen Cameron Inaugural Lecture - 'The Political Histories of Modern Scotland'

Professor Ewen A Cameron, Sir William Fraser Professor of Scottish History and Palaeography delivered his inaugural lecture entitled "The Political Histories of Modern Scotland". …

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The Edinburgh Seven: Changing the Way Stories Are Told - Melissa Highton at the Physiological Society - 13 October 2017

The Edinburgh Seven by Melissa Highton, University of Edinburgh, UK Video by Vince Lane. This talk was part of the 'Physiology on Wikipedia' event for Physiology Friday 2017. The…

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Professor Steve Boardman - The Lords of the Isles- Clan Donald c.1336 – c.1545

Professor Steve Boardman outlines how his course ‘Lord of the Isles’ explores the origins, development and eventual demise of one of the most powerful and distinctive aristocratic…

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Dr Alex Murdoch - 18th Century Emigration from the Highlands - Research in a Nutshell

Alex talks about his area of research.

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