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Al giorno and al gran cerchio d'ombra by Ezra Pound played by Leslee Smucker

Al giorno and al gran cerchio d'ombra by Ezra Pound played by Leslee Smucker Ezra Pound's monumental poem The Cantos is the longest and most sustained literary effort made by a poet of…

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EFP 11: Grey Gardens

Emily and Amanda discuss the Maysles' documentary "Grey Gardens," a film on the iconic Bouvier-Beale mother and daughter in their dilapidated home.

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Library Collections Rationalisation Project

Project Manager Hannah Mateer talks about the Library Collections Rationalisation Project. An Information Services project which will create a significant amount collections space, catalogue 12,000…

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Dr Renata Riha: Liminal states: betwixt and between sleep and wakefulness

Dr Renata Riha is an Honorary Reader and Consultant in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine, and Head of the Sleep Research Unit at the University of Edinburgh. Adequate, restful sleep is integral to…

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Higgs Boson - Massless particles

This project was created by the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh.

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Jim Groom on the Wiki Education Project 'Murder Madness and Mayhem' at OER16

Excerpt from ALT's recording of Jim Groom's keynote address 'Can we imagine tech Infrastructure as an OER? Or, Clouds, Containers, and APIs, Oh My!' delivered at OER16 Conference…

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Greensleeves - Bassano

This piece was recorded at The Music Box Studio Edinburgh 22-07-2015. It is played by Sarah Bevan-Baker. The instrument is part of the Musical Instrument Museum Collection of the University of…

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