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Visions for Change: Is COP26 the 'last best chance' to solve the climate crisis?

What is COP 26? COP stands for Conference of Parties, and will be attended by countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty agreed in 1994.…

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Sustainability Champions Gathering - 2021

Tune in to the Gathering to learn what it means to be a Sustainability Champion and how you can make a difference .About this eventKeen to make a difference at the University, in Edinburgh or the…

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6.4 Community in action - Social capital and e participation

Internet and Society 2021

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Using the university library refresher (Oct 2021)

A brief refresh of how to use the library and what support is available to students.

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6.1 Networks

Internet and Society 2021

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5.1 CMC and SIDE model

internet and Society

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SPS: Advanced Searching (Oct 2021)

This session gives an overview of things to consider when undertaking a search, where to look for material, advanced search techniques and where to find help.

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Welcome Event 2021: Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Keen to get involved in sustainability and social responsibility  during your time at the University of Edinburgh but don't know where to start?The Department for Social Responsibility and…

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Welcome to the Library, Part 1: Basics and finding your readings (MHO students)

This is the first of a 2-part introduction to the University Library for students doing the PgCert Advanced Social Work Studies - Mental Health Officer (MHO) Award, 2021-22. This session covers…

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Reimagining Social Anthropology - Introduction to literature searching (part 2)

Second video looking at the literature search process. Covers: Using advanced search techniques in databases, Refining searches, What to do when the library does not have what you need Managing…

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Welcome to the University of Edinburgh Library - for new postgraduates students in Social and Political Science

This session is for new postgraduate students in the School of Social and Political Science (SPS) for Welcome Week, September 2021. It introduces students to the huge range of library resources,…

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Mapping the Scottish Reformation

A video interview with Chris Langley and Mikki Brock, co-directors of the Mapping the Scottish Reformation project.

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(UG/PG) How- to get involved in social justice activism

Join your five Liberation Campaigns for an introduction to our communities and events for Black and Minority Ethnic, disabled, LGBT+ and women students. We'll also be talking about how you can…

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How-to avoid Scams and Social Engineering

How do we get tricked into handing over our details or clicking on suspicious links? In this session we look at how criminals game human behaviour and how to avoid common scams, from money laundering…

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Learning for a Sustainable Future - Trailer (1 min 30)

What on Earth could be more important than understanding and taking action on the big issues that shape our world? Climate change, gender equality, health, social equity and inclusion are issues that…

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Research During the Pandemic: Setting up a Covid Vaccination Programme

During this webinar, Ellie Hunter (Clinical Vaccination Manager) and Pat Wynne (Director of Nursing Primary and Community Care) discuss the challenges and successes of setting up the Covid…

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