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Statistics in COVID-19 Research Day - Introduction

Miguel de Carvalho (Director, Centre for Statistics) introduces the 'Statistics in the World of Covid-19 Research Day'. The day gathered together experts in the analysis of Covid-19 data…

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This is the first video on Search Strategies, where we see what uninformed strategies are we present the breadth-first search algorithm.

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Animal and Veterinary Sciences Landing Page

Landing page video for the CMVM Online Masters cluster 2020.

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Introduction to Alex Lascarides

Introduction to Alex Lascarides

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PoS1 Week 9 Lecture 1 Part 2

Explanans and Explanandum

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PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: KING, Lois Presentation title: Exploring the interplay between political prioritisation practices in global health and…

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Let's Talk Episode 9

Liz, global health and global healing Professor Liz Grant, Director of the Global Health Academy and Co-Director of the University of Edinburgh Global Compassion Initiative, gives us a global…

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Session 2: Welcome Back Event - Student Panel Information Session - What is online learning like_

Student Panel Information Session - What is online learning like? Hear from some students who have been doing it for a while. Some of our students who have been learning online for some time would…

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Professional Skills for GAFS (1) - Week 1 - Plagiarism

Professional Skills for Global Agri-Food Scientists 1. This short recording describes what 'plagiarism' is and how to avoid it. Further information can be found in the Assessment Folder on…

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Deep Learning Strategies for Person Re-identification - Alessandro Borgia

University Defence Research Collaboration Edinburgh Consortium Demo video presented by Alessandro Borgia. Edited and Produced by Vivid Science Productions.

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Social Wellbeing MOOC WK2 - HR Strategies for Wellbeing at Work

Social Wellbeing MOOC WK2 - HR Strategies for Wellbeing at Work

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