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Supporting your online journey at the University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh, our aim is to ensure you have a great learning experience when studying for your online course or degree. This short film tells you about the range of support services…

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Employ.ed for PhDs Case Study - Zoe Stephens

Employ.ed for PhDs Case Study - Zoe Stephens, Change Management Advisor, Estates

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Six in six minutes - 3 students and 3 staff discuss Wikipedia in the Classroom at the University of Edinburgh

Contributors include:Karoline Nanfeldt - 4th year Psychology undergraduate student. Tomas Sanders - 4th year History undergraduate student. Aine Kavanagh - Senior Hons. Reproductive Biology student.…

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Wikipedia in the Classroom - Simon Riley and Richard Smith on the Reproductive Biology Wikipedia assignment

Dr. Simon Riley and Dr. Richard Smith of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health were interviewed in March 2018 about the Wikipedia research assignment Senior Honours students on the Reproductive…

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Academic Support and the Institute for Academic Development

Postgraduate students talk about the academic support they have accessed during their studies and their experiences with the Institute for Academic Development.

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CARE-MND research project: Tracey Millar

Senior Research Nurse Tracey Millar describes the Medical Research Council-funded brain bank, for people with MND in Scotland who wish to donate brain and spinal cord tissue after death.

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An Instructor's guide to Media Hopper Replay: Linking your Learn course to Media Hopper Replay

This short tutorial video shows you how to create a link between your course in Learn and Media Hopper Replay so that you and your students can access your lecture recordings and presentations. You…

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Introducing the Student Disability Service - 26 July 2017

An introduction to the Student Disability Service and the support provided to postgraduate students.

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