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Visions for Change: Can nature fix the climate crisis?

This event will explore the role of nature-based solutions in mitigating the climate crisis. The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat but rather a global concern that is more imminent than…

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Bite Back Better - Plant-based cook-along

Do you have an appetite to tackle climate action? Are you hungry to reduce the carbon footprint on your plate? Got a craving for more plant-based options in your diet? Come celebrate Earth Day 2021…

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Sustainability Awards Celebration 2021

It’s no surprise that the Annual Sustainability Awards Celebration looks a little different this year. The event will incorporate a range of elements such as music, poetry, videos and live…

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Lab Plastic Waste lunch and learn

Recording of a 'lunch and learn' session on lab plastic waste reduction pilots. Hosted by Andrew Arnott from SRS, with speakers Amy Pickering and Ella Thornton.

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Lab Sustainability Webinar March 2021

Recording of the SRS Lab Sustainability webinar held on Friday 5th March 2021

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Visions for Change: Should public health be integrated into climate change policy?

This event addresses public health's role in climate change action and policy development at COP26.

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Crash course in communicating sustainability

Effective communication is an essential part of making sustainable change, yet it's often something individuals and organisations get wrong.In this session, you'll learn:the basics of…

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Prof Arjen Wals: T Learning in Times of Transition towards a Sustainable World

T Learning in Times of Transition Towards a Sustainable World Prof. Arjen Wals Keynote at LfS Scotland AGM 12 January 2021

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The student experience: Maldives 2019, MSc Marine Systems and Policies

Our students captured their experience of travelling to the Maldives in 2019 to assess the complex interactions between the biology of coral ecosystems, the sustainable use of them, and how resilient…

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Lab Sustainability Webinar November 2020

Lab Sustainability webinar recording from November 2020. 75 minutes long.

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Roundtable of Sustainable Academic Travel: Mapping Travel Policies in FHE - November 2020

Recording of webinar held by the Roundtable of Sustainable Academic Travel ( with colleagues from ETH Zurich Air Travel project (Switzerland), the University of…

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Visions for Change: Inclusivity and representation in the environmental movement; are we doing enough?

This event will address inclusion and representation in the environmental movement.The climate crisis is arguably the most important issue of our time; how we respond to it will define a generation.…

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Welcome event 2020: Sustainability at Edinburgh

Join the Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability for a digital welcome event that will highlight opportunities for social collaboration in a physically distanced climate. We will be…

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Visions for Change: is climate change a social justice issue?

Join us in exploring the intersection between social justice and climate change.The effects of climate change disproportionately impact the most vulnerable communities, deepening existing social…

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Student's guide to ethical eats

Event Description: Did you know that the types of food on your plate have a significant impact on your carbon footprint? But, what does that really mean? Do we need to all become vegans to save the…

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Creating a sustainable future

More organisations and governments are working towards sustainability and social responsibility, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Be a part of this change with one of our…

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