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BioPOD July 2019 : Smartphone Biosensors

BioPOD is back with an episode on Smartphone Biosensors and the importance of Synthetic Biology in today's global landscape. This episode focuses on a fluorescent bacterial biosensor that…

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EIE - The premier tech investor showcase

EIE - The premier tech investor showcase

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2019 Festival Short 1.0

Clip from 2019 Festival of Creative Learning Film (c) Archie Crofton 2019

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An Instructor's guide to Media Hopper Replay: Viewing course and student analytics

This short video tutorial shows you how to view analytics for your course within Media Hopper Replay, such as views, questions asked, notes taken and student engagement. You can view Media Hopper…

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Medical Informatics

Welcome to the second part of the course, the one around ontologies and semantic web data.

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Lecture 1 video 01 : welcome to Medical Informatics - Areti Manataki

Hello and welcome to Medical Informatics, a course that aims to give you a gentle introduction to data science in biomedicine and healthcare! My name is Areti Manataki and I’m going to be your…

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Data Science, Technology and Innovation at The University of Edinburgh

The Data Science, Technology and Innovation suite of postgraduate programmes consist of modular online distance learning courses across the sciences, medicine, arts and humanities. The mode of…

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