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LEL2A essay Q+A

LEL2A: Essay Q+A session.

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Econ 1 - Block 1 - L0 - Course overview

Economics 1 - Course overview

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OER Commons Tutorial

OER Commons Tutorial for Digital Skills

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Inf1A textbook

This is a video about the textbook written by Don Sannella for the course Inf1A - Introduction to Computation. The video explains where to find the book, how to use the book, and how to ask…

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Introduction to Introduction to Computation

Welcome! This is the Introduction to Introduction to Computation course: Lecture 0 of Inf1A.

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Phil skills reading part 2

Part two of the lecture 'Reading Philosophy' (Phil Skills)

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Mathematics for Joint Degrees - Teaching - Grace Sansom

Grace Sansom discusses the course structure and teaching in the School of Mathematics as part of a joint degree. March 2019.

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Welcome to dermatology

A brief introduction to the dermatology attachment in year 5.

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