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My Experience as an Online Student | Student Vlog | The University of Edinburgh

Mopelola is studying our Master of Public Health (part-time) from her home country of Nigeria. Watch her vlog and find out more about her experience of studying online at The University of Edinburgh.…

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LTC 2021 - Day 1 Kerri-Lee Krause Keynote presentation

Day 1 Keynote presentation from Professor Kerri-Lee Krause at the Learning & Teaching Conference 2021

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#DDIdiscussions | Data-driven innovation in AI

Our #DDIdiscussions from May 19th discussed the role of Scottish Universities in the development of AI. Scotland's recently released AI strategy, the exciting development of the National…

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HoDoMS 2021: Tony Hill and Lindsay Walsh

Subtitles will be added soon. Diversity in STEM and Levelling Up: Maths Lindsay Walsh and Tony Hill

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Introduction to Learning about Curriculum Transformation from Institutions Internationally

A video introduction to a paper for the Curriculum Transformation Hub

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Making Blended Education Work Trailer

Our free short online course Making Blended Education Work explores challenges and advance blended learning practices in higher education. You'll gain an understanding of the critical dimensions…

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Library Bitesize : Finding Theses

Learn about · How to find out about theses and dissertations written on your topic · How to view theses online, and in print

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Decolonising the Curriculum in HE: Dr Foluke Adebisi- 21 January 2021

Title: ‘Rhodes must fall’ or ‘Rhodes must read Fanon'? Thoughts on decolonising curricula in UK HE.AbstractDecolonisation is often perceived as a means to uncover erased or…

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Who Are the Key Players?

Climate Change Solutions

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24th Nov: Enabling Academia: making UK HEIs more accessible

Enabling Academia: making UK HEIs more accessible Dr Jen Remnant, Disability Inclusive Science Careers, Heriot Watt University Vignettes used in the training session that were…

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5th Nov: Part 2 What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM Q&A

What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEMQ&A Session5th November 2020 Dr Udeni Salmon @ujsalmon are you joining us from? Please share your…

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Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference: Panel Discussion 2

October 2020: Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference Panel Discussion from Day 2 involving: Dr Nira Chamberlain Natalya Silcott Dr Spencer Becker-Kahn Professor Nkechi Agwu Professor Edray Goins…

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CL - 6a - Keeping it Simple

We begin by revisiting the idea of a universal model. If we have only n predicates then we can distinguish only 2n kinds of individual. So we only need to consider 2^{2n} universes. For example, for…

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Chris Budd - Virtual Forum for Knowledge Exchange in the Mathematical Sciences (V-KEMS)

V-KEMS meeting - Mathematical modelling and COVID-19: How can modelling inform a response to the current COVID-19 resurgence? This is the talk by Chris Budd (University of Bath)The Virtual Forum…

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 8

Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 8

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M&M Podcast 15: Sector responses, hybrid, and Global South inspiration

The fifteenth episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast finds us starting to sift through the UK sector response to Covid and the hybrid appoach we are adopting at the University of…

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