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The Promise of Access: Technology, Inequality, & the Political Economy of Hope

This event was organised by the Digital Social Science research cluster. In conversation with Dr Kate Miltner, co-lead of the Digital Social Science research cluster, Dan Greene discusses his new…

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LibSmart : digital literacy skills for online library research

An introduction to the LibSmart information literacy online course, with descriptions and learning outcomes of the ten modules of the new LibSmart II course to be launched in September 2021. More…

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Starting University 2021/22: Information for offer holders

For Offer Holders 2021 Entry

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Networking Jacobites: Media, Cultural Memory and the 'Lyon in Mourning' Manuscript

Leith Davis (Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University) discusses 'The Lyon in Mourning' manuscript.September, 1745, Episcopalian minister Robert Forbes was arrested and…

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Workshop: Disinformation - Mapping the Lifecycle of Media Maniuplation

In this session, Dr. Joan Donovan demonstrates a case study approach to mapping the life cycle of media manipulation campaigns. This method seeks to analyze the order, scale and scope of manipulation…

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CDCS Digital Cultural Heritage

Dr Jen Ross introduces the CDCS Digital Cultural Heritage Research Cluster.

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CDCS Digital Social Science Cluster

Research Cluster leads Karen Gregory, Morgan Currie and Kate Miltner discuss what the Cluster has been working on in the past year and its plans for the future.

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ICTD21 - Gordon Hill

Dr Gordon Hill from Glasgow Caledonian University gives us an indication of his career path and how he became involved with Clinical Research.

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The Digital Archive & The Politics of Digitisation

This talk deals with a question that is becoming increasingly important for historians who work with digitised cultural heritage: what are the politics of digitisation and what are its implications…

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ICTD21 Jean Bruce

Jean Bruce talks about her journey into clinical research and highlights some of her responsibilities as Clinical Research Nurse Manager for NHS Lothian.

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Archiving Gaps: Reading Zimbabwe and The Internet

Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow at IASH) discusses critical meditations on archiving gaps.Despite the ubiquity and easy access the internet promises, it has also been…

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Digital Education Programme Podcast 7: The one where we speak to David Yeats from the University of Technology Sydney

Episode 7 of the programme podcast has me speaking with David Yeats of the University of Technology Sydney and also a student on the Digital Education programme. David walks us through his…

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TextMining and CDCS - Introduction to Defoe, and the text mining sandpit

An introduction to the Text and Data Mining Sandpit from the Edinburgh Centre for Data, Culture and Society, for the 7th May 2020. Planned to be in person, this sandpit was pivoted to digital due to…

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#EdLitSearchTips 2 - Keywords.

Work out the keywords, alternative words, phrases, synonyms & variant spellings. Be methodical and keep a note of all the different combinations you have used in each search so you’re not…

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Accessing Hidden Heritage: Underwater Cultural Heritage & the Digital Revolution

Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) is unique in that most people have never seen it. Access is restricted to divers meaning that, in direct contrast to terrestrial heritage, public awareness of…

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