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CIO update to ISG 8th Oct 2020

CIO update to ISG 8th Oct 2020

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One Health, COVID-19 and lessons from veterinary vaccination

In the first ever International Veterinary Vaccinology Network webinar, Dr Michael Francis from BioVacc Consulting Ltd discussed the One Health agenda and how veterinary vaccination can inform…

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Acute interstitial nephritis

Short illustrated account of common causes. More context and detail at

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - RA Training 2020

COVID-19 Information video for RA training 2020

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Communicating statistics, risk and uncertainty in the age of Covid - Prof. David Spiegelhalter

For the 4th David Finney Lecture, Prof. David Spiegelhalter will talk about the challenges of communicating during the epidemic. Can we communicate deeper uncertainty about facts, numbers, or…

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DE seminar Professor Petar Jandrić 'Viral Modernity: Covid-19 and the promise of open science'

In the first section of this recording the embedded video sound conflicts with Professor Jandrić. You will find a complete transcript below. Abstract According to the World Health Organisation…

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COVID and the kidney

A short talk on Coronavirus infections and the kidney. A couple of amendments from emerging information within 48h of publication:Transplant patients are probably at greater risk than suggested here…

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The Zika corpus as a test case for WikiCite - Daniel Mietchen

The Zika corpus as a test case for WikiCite (Daniel Mietchen) - This…

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