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Why do I need to cite and reference?

This video will explain why citing and referencing is important.

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Effects of global discourse coherence on local contextual predictions - Georgia-Ann Carter

Context is vitally important for how we understand the world around us, and this is particularly so with language. We know that humans use a range of linguistic cues when understanding language to…

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Open research in the making: or a call for co-creators - Eugénia Rodrigues

The assumption that research and science can be made open and accessible just by taking action from the inside has been shown to be erroneous for some time now. Regulatory and policy instruments to…

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Explaining Fairness (LEANS resource 5.3)

About this video This video is one component of the Learning About Neurodiversity at School (LEANS) resource pack for primary schools. It is part of a larger unit on fairness, more…

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Fabian Villegas - Friday Talks 18 February 2022

Fabian Villegas Writer, journalist, spoken word artist, Scholar and Researcher in South epistemologies, Decolonial thoughts and Racial Studies, born in Mexico City. Geopolitics, intersectionality,…

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Nathan Oenardi: volunteering with Edinburgh Zoo

Fouth year Zoology student Nathan Oenardi spent Summer 2021 volunteering at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. Watch this video to hear what skills he developed while delivering a "Science Summer School"…

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Video A

Critical Think Retreat - Video A

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UoE Carol Service

The New College Carol Service this year is an extra special service marking the 175th Anniversary of New College, and taking place as part of the stunning Winter Tales Literary Festival. The…

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Computational Interlude - Week 8 - Jia Loy - part 2_3

2nd part of Computational Interlude 2 for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Jia Loy

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LEL2A: Week 4, Lecture 3.

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LEL2A: Week 4, Lecture 2 (first part).

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LEL2A: Week 4, Lecture 1.

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Phonology catch-up session

Phonology catch-up session from the end of the Phonology block.

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LEL2A: Week 3, Lecture 9.

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Nativism & Empiricism: linguistics 2, part 1

First part of second linguistics lecture on nativism and empiricism (part 5 of week) for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22, Simon Kirby

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LEL2A: Week 2, lecture 6.

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