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EndNote for managing references course recording 2023/24

A recording of the Digital Skills & Training Team's "EndNote for managing references" course. This demonstration, using EndNote 21 for Windows, looks at:Adding reference…

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Print Export Settings

Setting your PDF print settings

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Collecting all your design assets by packaging your files in to a single folder to share with printers

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Canva for Print

Demonstrating how to output for print from Canva

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Accessibility in Design

Accessibility legend, Viki Galt gives us a whistlestop tour through best accessibility practice in design, covering font usage, the dreaded pdf, captioning and much much more... Join the…

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Digital Skills Festival: Managing your references with EndNote

Are you manually entering citations and a bibliography into your manuscripts? This demonstration of using EndNote 20 shows you how to save time and avoid mistakes by collecting, managing, and…

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Using Mendeley for bibliography management

This session will provide an overview of Mendeley as a research tool, to organise and manage reference material for research and for writing essays.Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate…

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Latent Space Data Assimilation - Selime Gurol

Recent Advances in Numerical Linear Algebra for PDEs, Optimisation, and Data Assimilation Latent Space Data Assimilation Selime Gürol (CERFACS)

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The Exponential Distribution

Discrete Mathematics and Probability 2021/22 Week 9 Part 4 The Exponential Distribution

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Alberto Carrassi

Mathematics of the Climate Crisis: Extremes and Tipping Points Alberto Carrassi, University of Reading/NCEOFriday 5 November This recording is subtitled. You can turn off the subtitles by pressing…

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Combining Word and pdf documents in one file in Word 365

How to merge a Word document in the portrait format with a pdf file in the landscape format.

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Introduction to Blackboard Collaborate, Teams and VLE for OL students

Overview of the main learning technologies online-learning students will encounter.Muireann Crowley (HCA Learning Technology)14 September 2021

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PDFs and Saving to Google Drive

A short video tutorial for the Foundations for All programme running in Uganda in 2021.

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Using Wikipedia for your learning

A video made as part of the Foundations for All course running in Uganda in 2021

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Time Series: Nehali Mhatre

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Nehali Mhatre Talk Title: Transformed-Linear Models for Time Series…

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Introduction to EndNote 20 (June 2021)

A general introduction to the product, where to get plug-ins, making a group, adding files, research notes and editing a reference.

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