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Aten Chau - Improving the Sustainability of University Computer Information Technology (IT) services

The presentation by Aten Chau who is working with Prof. John Thompson and Dr. Fraser Coutts Awarded: Highly Commended Summer 2024 Cohort

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Tags in Teams

Creating and using tags in Microsoft Teams channels.

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Episode 1- First Day Nerves

A discussion about first days of placement, some useful tips and persona experiences. Skill of the day: Hand Hygiene

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Tail Tech Case Study 2

by Prof Rick D'Eath | for 'The power of data for farm animal practice' course Course website:

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3D Pig Tails Case Study 1

by Prof Rick D'Eath | for 'The power of data for farm animal practice' course Course website:

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An Introduction to weighing

Module 2: An Introduction to Weighing by Ross Robertson | Agri-EPI Timestamps:0:00 - Intro0:45 - How do we use data?1:50 - Weighing cattle3:16 - Manual vs technological record keeping3:41 -…

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A1 Biomolecules: Carbohydrates & Lipids

•Explain the structure and function of carbohydrates •Explain the structure and function of lipids and lipid-related molecules

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PPLS Learning Technology Blog: Input Methods for Microsoft Whiteboard

Input Methods for MS Whiteboard. See this video on the PPLS Learning Technology Blog.

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APMCS lecture 6 part 5

Animal mindreading part 5

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CP2: Introduction to Experiment 1 - Dr Phil Larkman

Dose / Response and Structure / Activity relationships in pharmacology

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AVLSI Demo 1 - Symbol Creation

A demo on how to create symbols in Cadence Virtuoso, along with some tips on using the schematic editor

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BOM: Bill of Materials

Mechanical Engineering Discipline Course: Sustainable Energy Design Project 3 Lecture: Bill of Materials

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Using the XP pen tablet with MS products (whiteboard/Powerpoint/Onenote)

This video covers how to use Microsoft whiteboard at a fairly in-depth level. It also looks at how to use your graphics tablet with MS Powerpoint and looks at annotating in Onenote.

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XP Pen Intro and driver setup

Using an XP Pen Deco 1v2 or other similar xp pen tablet? This video talks you through the settings in the driver software, and why it is important to use the driver. Link to the driver (for non…

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Workshop 1 - Distillation Sequencing

Workshop 1 - Distillation Sequencing

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CL - Lecture 3j - Aristotle's Syllogisms

We describe the traditional presentation of the syllogisms, and introduce Aristotle's existential assumption, on the basis of which he derives nine more syllogisms. These are not sound in our…

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