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Waves in Complex Continua (Wavinar) - Radu Cimpeanu (University of Warwick)

Subtitles will appear soon. 05 April 2022 Radu Cimpeanu (University of Warwick Nonlinear Waves: Caught Between Asymptotic Analysis and High Performance Computing

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A6. Tissue specialisation (2022)

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Introduction to Lecture 7

Introduction to the Content and Concepts of Lecture 7

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Company & financial databases: Introduction and access

The Library and Business School subscribe to databases which provide company financials, stock prices, fixed income data, mergers and acquisitions data and macroeconomic data. Watch this video to…

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A6. Tissue specialisation_2021

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Publishing your journal article

Unsure where to get started with publishing your article in a journal? Join us to find out what editors and publishers look for and how you can best prepare yourself for the world of academic…

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Hybrid seminar 1 edited

Hybrid seminar 1

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Introduction Video to Distillation Section of Course

Introduction to Separation Processes 5: Distillation Section

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Ethical Benefits part 1

Ethical Benefits part 1

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An overview of Scholia - Finn Årup Nielsen

Scholia is a tool to handle scientific bibliographic information in Wikidata. The Scholia Web service creates on-the-fly scholarly profiles for researchers, organizations, journals, publishers,…

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