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TestEd expert update - 26 March 2022

(Recorded 26 March 2022) Professor Linda Bauld, John Usher Chair of Public Health, shares her insights on the latest developments in Scotland relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This week's video…

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A10. The effect of aging on tissue homeostasis

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Diabetes Mellitus - Clinical Features 1c_2022

MBChB year 2, Nutrition & Digestion module

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Nathan Oenardi: volunteering with Edinburgh Zoo

Fouth year Zoology student Nathan Oenardi spent Summer 2021 volunteering at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. Watch this video to hear what skills he developed while delivering a "Science Summer School"…

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One World SNIPS: Annie Millet

One World Virtual Seminar Series - Stochastic Numerics and Inverse Problems, 19 January 2022 Annie Millet (SAMM, University Paris 1 - FP2M federation (CNRS FR 2036) and LPSM (UMR 8001))…

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Expert update - week commencing 29 Nov 2021

(Recorded Saturday 27 November, 2021) Professor Linda Bauld, John Usher Chair of Public Health, shares her insights on the latest developments in Scotland relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. This…

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Intro to MSK 2021

Mr Gavin Brown

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7.2 Statistical Sources on Internet adoption, diffusion and behaviour 2021

Internet and Society 2021

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'The Greek language and Greek identities: c. 1500 BCE to 2021 CE' A.G. Leventis Inaugural Lecture 2021

A. G. Leventis Inaugural Lecture, 22 September 2021 The inaugural lecture of Professor Roderick Beaton's Leventis Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh will be, 'The Greek…

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Gordon Ferries plays Anon., A Port (Stralloch).

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DDC Sesson 1 recording

Recording from session 1 of Data-driven chemistry

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DENS SIV background Training slides

DENS SIV Training Slides - Paul Brennan

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Stefan Perko Student Talks

30 Aug- 03 Sept 2021 ICMS hosted the European Summer School in Financial Mathematics 14th Edition Approximating stochastic gradient descent with diffusions: error expansions and impact of learning…

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FutureLearn: Registration

A short video showing students how to register on FutureLearn as part of the Foundations for All project running in Uganda in 2021

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(UG/PG) How-to find a community of mature students and student parents at University

Join your Students' Association for an introduction to our online community for mature students, how you can get involved in student life, and make your voice heard. We'll also be sharing…

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XAI Lecture Recording: PDP/ICE (Part 2)

This lecture will cover theoretical aspects of PDP and ICE, explaining how both methods operate.

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