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One Health, COVID-19 and lessons from veterinary vaccination

In the first ever International Veterinary Vaccinology Network webinar, Dr Michael Francis from BioVacc Consulting Ltd discussed the One Health agenda and how veterinary vaccination can inform…

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Supercytes - How to say 'Antibody production'

This resource is from the Supercytes website - Copyright © Donald J. Davidson, University of Edinburgh 2020 CC BY-NC-SA This work is licensed under a Creative…

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Monoclonal antibodies

Introduction to monoclonal antibodies

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Agglutination reactions

Agglutination assays to measure antibody titre, and as diagnostic tools

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Introduction to antibodies and their uses

This short talk introduces polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, and describes some of their uses both in the lab and in the clinic.

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Overview of the ELISA technique and its uses

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