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HCI Overview

Overview of the Human-Computer Interaction Course

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Privacy Technologies - Kami Vaniea - Data Controvesies 2019

Dr Kami Vaniea, Lecturer in Cyber Security and Privacy. VPNs and Ad Blockers: Privacy technologies and what they do.Data Controvesies 2019 Managing privacy in an increasingly survalience state is an…

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Introducing Participatory Design

This video introduces some key concepts of participatory design, and considers some of the benefits and possible challenges of including stakeholders and users in a design process. Copyright…

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Ewa Luger - Legible Algorithms - Week 5b 2018

Ewa Luger - Legible Algorithms Week 5b 2018 Controversies in the Data Society 2018

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Contextual Inquiry Example

Example of a PhD student doing a contextual inquiry in the HCI Instructor's office. The topic of the inquiry is data management. A contextual inquiry was selected because it is not always…

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HCI 2020 - What are design requirements and why do we need them?

Presentation talking about how we define problems and how we think about design-related requests that are given to us by clients.

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