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Open Lecture Series Monsters in the Bible

Dr Judith Blair, Teaching Fellow at COLWednesday 6 December 2023 Catch-up on Dr Judit Blair's lecture: Are there monsters in the Bible? One would not necessarily associate the two, however, as…

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EFP 38: Dark Fairytales

In this Halloween special, host Dr Pasquale Iannone is joined by current MSc Film Studies student Sebastian Gilling-Ulph to discuss dark filmic fairytales. Films discussed: Coraline (Henry Selick,…

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EFP 10: Berberian Sound Studio

Emily and Marc talk about Peter Strickland's soundscape horror flick, "Berberian Sound Studio."

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EFP 1: Housebound

This week we talk about the New Zealand horror/ comedy flick, "Housebound."

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