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Practical advice about PhD funding (Home student)

Recording of live session that took place on 18 April 2024. For advice and guidance about student loans, fees, funding and scholarships, contact The Scholarships and Financial Support team or Fees…

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Our Lives with IBD

A short film by Hugo Hemmati about inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), the people affected by them, and the new research that aims to improve these conditions. Created in collaboration with the…

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Higgs school 2024 - Philip Mannheim, Lecture 3 (Part 1 of 2)

Date: 29/05/2024

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Dr Nadin KOKCIYAN, Enabling Responsible AI with Humans

Controversies in the Data Society 2024 Dr Nadin KOKCIYAN, Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, School of InformaticsEnabling Responsible AI with HumansIt is often the case that we focus on developing…

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OPENspace Seminar - Iain Scott 21.11.2023

OPENspace Seminar - Iain Scott 21.11.2023 Pedagogy, Projects & Policy: Perspectives on the Research-Led Studio

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Dr Hajar Mozaffar - Supplier-user relationships (Week 5)

Dr Hajar Mozaffar - Supplier-user relationships (Week 5)

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CSE Cohort Lead Networking Event - 04 Fiona Mcneill (Informatics)

CSE Cohort Lead Networking Event - 30MAY2023 04 Fiona Mcneill (Informatics)

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We shared our personal stories and experiences of what supports and hinders our relationship building with others in our new spaces/environments while highlighting the associated barriers and…

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Power and community part 1


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Wk 5 Crime Script Analysis

Discussion of data from a counterfeit currency vendor

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Upskilling in career - Online Student Interview

Murotiwamambo Mudziviri from Zimbabwe graduated with an online MSc Data Science, Techonology, and Innovation. He talks about how doing an online masters allowed him to do upskill in his career. …

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CJS Seminar: Lindsay Farmer

The Crime, Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Calculative agency and moral fault: responsibility in market offences Prof Lindsay Farmer, University of Glasgow About the…

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Strategic Marketing Unit 1.3

Strategic Marketing Unit 1.3 Building Relationships

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Vicent Montalt's presentation

The meaningful Informed Consent in patient-centred care

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TMc - AD with Commentary (2)

A brief example of listening practice for new students to the Pg Cert in Counselling Studies.

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Selection on multiple traits in AlphaSimR - Part 1

Now we explore the multi-trait selection in AlphaSimR so that we can design a sustainable and holistic approach to breeding productive and resilient individuals. This involves consideration of the…

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