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About us - SACHA

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How to Read a Novel - Trailer (2022)

What makes a great novel? How is a novel woven together? How can we best appreciate works of fiction? Answer these questions and more with this course from The University of Edinburgh and the…

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Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 18th 2022, 3:19:41 pm

Intro video

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engage - Challenges with assessment - how are we responding to students' feedback?

Students have provided consistent feedback about things we could enhance in assessment and feedback. This session will focus on these key messages to explore what we are doing and what we could do to…

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Mark Hoelterhoff Video - Wellbeing Paper Intro

An introduction from Mark Hoelterhoff

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FNLP 27c

Constructingl Representations of Discourse Coherence

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FNLP 27b

Representing Discourse Coherence

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FNLP 27a

Discourse coherence

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Presentations from the UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue: Rethinking the Summit's Principles of Engagement

Rethinking the Summit’s Principles of Engagement: Managing conflict of interest and promoting inclusiveness, transparency and accountability Recording of presentations from the dialogue…

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Giving Effective Feedback: Feedback Models

Description of different feedback models: sandwich, Pendleton's rules, Gibbs' reflective cycle, R2C2 reflective conversation, Feedforward Interview.

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Ancient Lecture 2.2

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Ancient Lecture 2.1

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Lived Theology: Qualitative Data and Theology in World Christianity

Panel discussion with Dr Easten Law (OMSC), Dr Diane Stinton (Regent College), and Dr Muthuraj Swamy (Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide), and moderated by Dr Alexander Chow (University of…

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Language Production Lecture 8 Part 24

Evidence for collaborative model of dialogue

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Language Production Lecture 8 Part 23

Introduction to dialogue

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