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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Mikhail Ivanov, 'Fundamental Physics from Galaxy Surveys'

Colloquium: Fundamental Physics from Galaxy Surveys - Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics (

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IAWEL RMDA: ggplot2

In this video we cover the basics of creating charts in ggplot2

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Inaugural Lecture of Professor Tom Bruce, Chair of Coastal and Maritime Hydromechanics

Violent waves at the engineered coast Abstract Our coasts are a focus for economic activity whether directly associated with the sea or enabled by transhipment. They are also a magnet for leisure.…

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The emergence of hydrodynamics in many-body systems - Prof. Benjamin Doyon (King’s College London)

One of the most important problems of modern science is that of emergence. How do laws of motion emerge at large scales of space and time, from much different laws at small scales? Hydrodynamics…

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Milne Lecture: Inaugural Lecture of Professor Themis Prodromakis, Regius Chair of Engineering

Engineering the 21st century – from bio-interfaces to AI-on-chip technologies Abstract The 21st century is defined by increasingly intelligent machines and a drive to use them for augmenting…

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The TUSAIL Project: Bridging the Gap between Research and Industry in Particle Systems

Changes in the way particles behave when handled in large quantities can lead to unexpected costs or severely impact product quality when scaling up production. Beginning in March 2021, the…

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Developing Your Data Skills Programme 2023-2024: Workshop 2 Webinar - Statistics & Analysis

'Data Skills 2: Statistics & Analysis' is workshop number two of three. This section focuses on understanding basic statistics and interpreting data. At home recording of Developing…

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wk4 recognising and measuring rabbit pain

Animal Welfare in the Clinic MOOC (2024): Published by The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies.…

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Open Lecture Series - From A Distance 21.02.24

Deirdre MacLeod, Lecturer in Art and Design - Centre for Open Learning, University of Edinburgh and Christopher Kaczmarek, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Art, Montclair State University, New…

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Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.3: Xerte Editor Overview

Xerte Module 2 Unit 2.3 Xerte Editor Overview

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Critical Issues in Digital Education: Week 3 Tutorial

On the subject of market making in education discussing Riep, C. B. (2017). Making markets for low-cost schooling: The devices and investments behind Bridge International Academies. Globalisation,…

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Rainforests of the Sea - Nitrogen Pollution

The following video from Amber Carter will explore the relationships between nitrogen pollution and tropical coral reefs and seagrasses.

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MSc Digital Design and Manufacture Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

MSc Digital Design and Manufacture Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

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Higgs Hour: Laura Keating 'How and when the Universe warmed up (and what that means for learning about dark matter)'

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Dr Kathrin Cresswell - Integrated care (Weeks 8 & 9)

MSc Leading Digital Transformation

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July 2023 Design Community Forum: Take useful photos - Nic Cameron

Advice on taking useful imagery at University of Edinburgh events from Edinburgh Global's Communications Assistant, Nic Cameron.

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