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MSc Digital Design and Manufacture Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

MSc Digital Design and Manufacture Welcome Meeting with Programme Director

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Higgs Hour: Laura Keating 'How and when the Universe warmed up (and what that means for learning about dark matter)'

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July 2023 Design Community Forum: Take useful photos - Nic Cameron

Advice on taking useful imagery at University of Edinburgh events from Edinburgh Global's Communications Assistant, Nic Cameron.

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About us - SACHA

Watch to find out more about SACHA!

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Data Dashboards - David Perry

Join David Perry as he highlights the advantages of having access to data insights when conducting large scale citizen science 'direct to public' research projects. Large scale, complex…

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Open Science in the wild (a view from the UCL Office for Open Science & Scholarship) - Kirsty Wallis (Keynote)

Join Kirsty Wallis (she/her), Head of Research Liaison at UCL, as she uses real-world case studies to explore where and how open research can address global challenges and make a difference in the…

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Weight data for broiler and layers

Lecture by Dr Laura Dixon Timestamps: 01:20 - How to collect weight data 02:01 - Manual Weighing04:20 - Data Processing04:50 - Average Bird Weight Example05:58 - Flock Uniformity Example…

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Dr. Mengwei Sun - UDRC Research Video 2023

Mengwei is a Research Associate at the Institute of Digital Communication, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK from Apr. 2019, working with Dr. James. R. Hopgood. Before…

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power and community part 3


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AML: Representing Data

Applied Machine Learning - INFR11211 Representing Data

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Sustainability Story 6 - Henry Ibitolu (Week 5)

Henry Ibitolu, COP27 student delegate at the University of Edinburgh, talks about his work to create SustyClimate Hub, connecting young people to make an impact on climate change, and earthen…

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Towards Large-scale Cultural Analytics in the Arts and Humanities: Project Findings

About the eventTens of thousands of cultural events happen across the UK every week, from theatre to comedy, and festivals to exhibitions. The data stream that is left as a record suggests an…

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Michele Villa - Analytic capacity of sets with plenty of big projections and Vitushkin's conjecture.

A Young Researchers Symposium in Harmonic Analysis Michele Villa , University of Oulu 24 June 2022 This recording is in the process of being subtitled. This typically takes around two weeks.

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Higgs Centre Colloquium: Martin White 'Modeling large-scale structure in the golden age of cosmological surveys'

Speaker: Martin White (University of California Berkeley) Abstract The Universe we observe exhibits order on a wide range of scales, and the study of this large-scale structure provides one of our…

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1.3.2 History of heritage

Dr Rowan Jackson explains the history of heritage. The clip is retrieved from July 2021 Workshop day 1 of the CRITICAL project.

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Introduction to low temperature geothermal resources - types, uses, and their role in the energy transition

Geothermal energy is just volcanoes and geysers and bubbling mud, right? Well, it’s a lot more than that! Geothermal resources come in all shapes and sizes, or rather temperatures. In…

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