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18 - SR course - deciding on synthesis method

sr course

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Data Skills: Tidy Data

This lecture was created for the R(D)SVS generic Research Skills and Methods course, but it is a creative commons licensed lecture and anyone can use it. Learning OutcomesBy the end of this…

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How to... Get started with Digital Research Services (PGR)

‚ÄčThis 'How to...' video introduces PGR students to the key phases of the research life-cycle and common tasks associated with each phase. It points out where to look for further information…

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Epi course - RCTs

Epi course RCTs

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Creating a university wide resource for study design open science and data analysis (Lightning Talk) - Crispin Jordan

Join Crispin Jordan for his lightning talk, where he presents the new (and exciting) proposal for a broad scope, University wide centralised resource for training and best practice in study design,…

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epi course - case-control 2

epi course

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15 - Data extraction

SR course

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10 - What are the results of the review?

SR course

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UNCOVER workshop Journal Club: Critical appraisal of quantitative methods papers

Presenter: Kelly Fleetwood This workshop took the format of a journal club discussion. As we critically appraised the paper, we looked in particular at the quantitative data presented and…

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3 - Steps involved in systematic review

UNCOVER/UM/RESPIRE systematic review workshop

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2 - What is meta-analysis?

UNCOVER/UM/RESPIRE systematic review workshop

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1 - What is a systematic review?


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Adaptation CoP_ October 2022

We were joined by George Tarvit, Director at SSN and Iryna Zamuruieva, Climate Resilience Manager at Sniffer to discuss tools and reporting in the public sector as well as community adaptation…

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A Global History of Mathematics: An Urgent Human Concern - Serafina Cuomo

Who was an ancient mathematician? Reflections on the power of definitions. Serafina Cuomo Durham University/Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

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Special Lecture Series with Prof Mayada Elsabbagh

There are major advances in our understanding of the causal pathways leading to autism and overlapping neurodevelopmental conditions. This knowledge has been useful in improving early…

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What is EAVE II?

Welcome2021 to EAVE II! For the last two years, the EAVE II team have been working hard to track the effects of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines across Scotland. As of October 2022, the…

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