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Modulo 13: INSPIRE Coordination Course

This is the recording from the live session for Module 13 for the INSPIRE Coordination Course run from April-June 2021 in Colombia.

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Module 13: INSPIRE Coordination Course

Module 13 for the INSPIRE Coordination Course

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INSPIRE Course Modules 3 and 4

Modules 3 and 4 for the INSPIRE course

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2020 Chancellor’s winners announced

2020 Chancellor’s winners announced This video congratulates ECA's Professor Chris Speed and Dr Ewa Luger, who both received prestigious Chancellor's Awards in recognition of their…

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ECA 2020 Showreel

Edinburgh College of Art 2020 highlights showreel In this short video, we take a look at some of the highlights of this past year at ECA and celebrate some of the many of the successes of our…

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Edinburgh Law School Winter Graduation - Class of 2020

Congratulations to all our law students graduating today. We are so very proud of you. This is a fantastic achievement especially during times of uncertainty. As we cannot celebrate in person this…

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Kaltura Capture recording - November 2nd 2020, 4:49:11 pm

Options Fair 2021

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The Sitar Project: Dr Alec Cooper & Mike Black - Rag Megh | St Cecilia's Hall | 22 October 2020

Rag MeghAlap,jor, gat and jhala Presented by Dr Alec Cooper (sitar) and Mike Black (tabla) This concert of classical Hindustani music by members of the Sitar Project was performed live on 22…

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Edinburgh Law School Student Prizes 2020

Edinburgh Law School Student Prizes 2020

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Internet and Society Kickoff introduction

A general introduction to the management of the course. Please watch before starting on the course material

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Welcome to Immunology Honours 2020-21

Welcome video for Immunology Honours 2020-2021

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Business School Course Options

This video provides a brief overview of the optional courses available from the Business School. Five courses are covered in this video: Introduction to Business (40 Credit) Accounting for Business…

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Engineering Course Options 2020

An introduction to Engineering Course Options Engineering 1 (Semester 1) Design 1 (Semester 2)…

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GeoSciences - Human Geography Course Options in 2020

This video provides an introduction to 3 Human Geography courses that are available to students across the university as outside courses. Human Geography - first year course…

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