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Why culture is key for healthier research for everyone - Julia Dorin

Why culture is key for healthier research for everyone - Julia Dorin

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Science communication and education with Andrea Paterlini

In this episode Anna and Andrea Paterlini talks about the approach to education of genetics and his experience developing a course for 2nd year bachelor students. They discuss diversity and inclusion…

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Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer: A lecture by Father Jarel Robinson-Brown

Father Jarel Robinson-Brown delivers a public lecture entitled 'Black, Gay, British, Christian, Queer' as part of a New College Pride event focusing on the intersections of race, religion…

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Reflections 20231129 Recruiting Diverse Data Teams

Reflections 20231129 Recruiting Diverse Data Teams

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Recruiting Diverse Teams Recording

Recruiting Diverse Teams Recording 29_11_2023

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Nitrogen as a Potential Stressor - Marine Pollution

In the following video we will look at: How can nitrogen disrupt symbiosis? Bleaching interaction How else does nitrogen threaten corals? (competition for space, water quality, turbidity)

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Rehela Hussain_Intro

Rehela Hussain_Intro

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‘Let Me Tell You a Story’: Liberal Diversity Narratives in Electoral Politics Today – 23 May 2023

In this guest lecture, Dr. Laura J. Kwak from York University, delves into the intricate dynamics of race, representation, and political power. Through her extensive research on the Conservative…

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"Understanding and Applying the Concept of Neurodiversity in Clinical Practice", Professor Sue Fletcher-Watson

In this talk Sue will explore how existing models of neurodevelopment are failing to sufficiently account for a growing transdiagnostic research literature. She will describe new findings from…

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Diversifying Toolkit for Staff Online launch event

This is a recording of the online launch event of the Diversifying Toolkit for Staff, created by the ASL team. The Academic Support Librarians' EDI group have been compiling resources to create…

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AULC Keynote: Alison Hendry - British Sign Language at the University of Edinburgh and beyond

Alison Hendry is the British Sign Language (BSL) Development Officer for the University of Edinburgh, the role being the first of its kind in any Scottish higher…

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Research Seminar: Dr Hugo Lázaro Ruiz

Family diversity representations in foreign language coursebooks for beginners: the case of Spanish About this event Following a systematic, proactive and descriptive analysis model as…

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Genomic selection in plant breeding

The following audio recording is delivered by Chris Gaynor, a senior data scientist at Bayer Crop Science. While working at The Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, he developed the AlphaSimR package and…

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Diversifying your Reading from a Student Perspective: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Promoting the use of a diverse range of sources has several pedagogical benefits. It encourages students to become more autonomous learners by going beyond their reading lists and to think critically…

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Supporting diversity through the ECA Library Zine and Artists Books collection: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

Join ECA Academic Support Librarian Jane Furness to hear about the ECA Library artists’ books and zines collections and the ways in which they celebrate the diversity of makers working in these…

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Diversity in First Year Scots Law Reading Lists: Decolonising & Diversifying the Library

This session reviews the diversity of authors named in reading lists for comparable first year undergraduate courses at five Scottish Law schools. The short report which is the focus of this talk…

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