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STEM and LfS course navigation

This video will show you how to navigate around the course on Teams.

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PCRE Episode 3 Fraser

Episode 3: “Catching them early: tackling adolescent girls’ disengagement from PE in the primary years”. In this podcast, PE teacher Fraser McCurdy tells us about his endeavours to…

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Neil Mulholland In the Open INFE

The Foundation Course in Art and Design: Past, Present and Future: Collective Imagining’ Symposium to be held virtually as part of FutureLab in Shanghai on: Friday 3rd December 2021 TIME…

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PCRE Episode 2 Hamish

"Exploring the ‘activist approach’ to teaching physical education”. In this episode, we talk to Hamish Townshend. He recently completed a Masters degree where he investigated…

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PCRE Episode 1 Kat Seatter

“Asking better questions”. In this episode, we talk to Katrina Garson about her practitioner inquiry where she explored ‘questioning’ in physical education. She shares with us…

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Dynamics Scenario Workshop Recording Sept 2021

In this video, EMT colleagues walk you through six scenarios you are likely to encounter when using Dynamics. Please note that we are using Sandbox, or UAT, the Dynamics training environment. We…

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(UG and PG) How-to use EdHelp

This how-to video explains how to use one of the University's central services EdHelp. EdHelp has been created to ensure that you have the best possible experience when you need support.The…

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Quick Enquiries

How to create a Quick Enquiry in Dynamics Enquiry Status – Open Title – Create a detailed title that describes the enquiry to set it apart from other enquiries. Source Channel - Where…

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Email Management - How to Send Emails

How to send an email in Dynamics to respond to an enquiry.

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Navigating Special Collections catalogues (LibSmart II)

This video provides the answers to the Searching for items in the catalogues task.

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Ancient Lecture 11.7

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Ancient Lecture 8.1

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Aristotle Lecture 4.2

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Expecting a response? Escalate to a case

Explaining the benefits of escalating a Quick Enquiry to a Case.

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Ecology of Yezo Dear Living in Hokkaido

Hokkaido Conference

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Enquiry Management Show and Tell

Who are the Enquiry Management team (EMT) and what do they do? This video features a brief tour of the Dynamics 365 system used by the EMT.

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